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Group Fishing Charters

January - December

As you work your butt off at your chosen profession, your imagination runs wild at the thought of catching the fish of your dreams. Your bucket list has Snapper, Kingfish, Bluefin Tuna, Mako Sharks, School Sharks, Gummy Sharks, Whiting & Bass Strait Flathead just to mention a few. Immediately you start to think, I’d love to go on a Group Fishing Charter with a bunch of mates and tick some of these species off my list.  And what Fishing Charter do I know that can cover all of these species?  Proline Fishing Charters!

An ideal way to spend time with work colleagues, friends or family

Maybe it's a thank you for your employees hard work, a birthday gift, a social club function, a ladies day, a bucks day, a fishing club competition, Church groups or just some friends or family that want to get together. The list could go on.

All of our Group Fishing Charters would make an ideal environment for corporate team building exercises, or maybe you don’t want to fish, just enjoy a leisurely sightseeing cruise. Imagine sipping on a cool drink and taking in the sights as we glide down the coastline off Sorrento & Portsea, a perfect way to view the stately homes of the rich and famous. See the evidence of days gone by with an up close and personal look at the historic Quarantine Station. Continue on to the notorious Rip seeing the entrance in its entirety, where ships of all shapes and sizes enter into Port Phillip Bay from Bass Strait, on their way to the port of Melbourne.

The boat is equipped with BBQ facilities and microwave oven, so the catering options are endless. If you decide to have your next corporate function on board with Proline Charters, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We can even put your own ideas into practice, just contact us for details.

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The Group Fishing Charters we offer:

Corporate Catering can be arranged

Please contact us for Sightseeing prices and catering packages.