Three Day King Island Fishing Trips - Book Online

February - May

The waters around King Island are a fisherman’s paradise and home to a wide variety of species including Mako Sharks, Kingfish, Tasmanian Striped Trumpeter, Bluefin Tuna, Snapper, Nannygai, Morwong, Salmon, School Sharks, Gummy Sharks, Crayfish and many more.

These 3 day King Island Fishing Trips are fully catered and your return flights with Vortex Air enable you to have 3 full days fishing around King Island catching Kingfish to the North, Mako Sharks to the South, Striped Tasmanian Trumpeter and Tuna to the West and all the other prized species in between.

Upon landing at the Airport, you will be transported to your accommodation to offload your bags and have a quick breakfast, then transported to Currie Harbour where Due South, our 60foot Westcoaster Sportfish awaits to start your fishing adventure.

After being spoilt onboard with morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea, and an exciting days fishing, we arrive back at Currie Harbour for transport to your accommodation. A welcome hot shower, hors d’oeuvres then a sumptuous meal awaits. A good night’s sleep and back for another epic days fishing. After your third day of fishing excitement, pick up your bags from the accommodation and head to the airport for a quick flight home with your packaged fish, bag of cheese and some great memories of an awesome King Island Fishing Trip.

What to Pack: Warm clothes, shorts (just in case) Spray jacket, hat, sunscreen, waterproof shoes, seasick tablets, sunglasses, camera, 240 volt chargers for phones/cameras etc.

These charters are fully Inclusive of return flights, fishing Gear, meals and accommodation. 

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3 Day King Island Fishing Trip Costs:

Individual Price - $3200.00/hd twin share

3 Day King Island Fishing Trips depart Moorabbin Airport at 06:00am, arriving at King Island at 07:00am

Fishing licences are not required for recreational fishing in Tasmanian waters

Along with your booking confirmation, an order form from King Island Cheese will be sent to you. If you’d like to order some of this delicious cheese, just complete the order form (it’s way cheaper than at home) email it back, and your order will be ready when you arrive.

Alcohol is available on King Island at your cost and we suggest moderation to limit the likelihood of seasickness.