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  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure. We don't wait for late customers (unless the boat is privately booked).
  • If a charter is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, all customers will receive an SMS text or phone call at 7:00pm the night prior to the trip.
  • Sorrento charters depart the Sorrento Pier, Esplanade, Sorrento, Victoria, 3943.
  • Queenscliff group charters depart from Queenscliff Marina, Harbour Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, 3225.
  • King Island charters depart Currie Harbour, Edward Street, Currie, Tasmania, 7256.
  • King Island accommodation is provided by King Island Cabins, 100 Main Street, King Island, Tasmania, 7256.


The skipper has the right to refuse to allow alcohol to be brought on the vessel.  If a group arrives for their charter clearly under the influence of alcohol and the skipper is of the opinion that the group is not in a suitable condition to take part  in the charter, the trip will be cancelled and the full amount of charter will be forfeited. The skipper reserves the right to refuse boarding to any person he or she believes is intoxicated prior to the commencement of the trip. During a trip, should the consumption of alcohol result in unruly behaviour, the skipper reserves the right to terminate the trip without refund. The Skipper reserves the right to notify Police of the imminent return to the closest Port, of Drunk & Disorderly customers. Any equipment lost or damaged due to negligence will be charged at current market value of replacement equipment, and or costs incurred in damage repair to boat.


All customers will be given a safety briefing prior to departure including a life jacket drill. We have full public liability insurance. All customers are required to sign a passenger manifest prior to departure.

All Customers must declare any pre-existing medical condition or any medication prior to booking or departure. Some customers are deemed to be at increased risk and therefore may require special attention.


All trips are subject to suitable weather conditions. Proline Charters will not cancel unless we are absolutely confident the current weather forecast issued by the BOM is accurate.

PROLINE CHARTERS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL A FISHING TRIP BECAUSE OF WEATHER. We will SMS text or phone all customers the night before between 7-7:30pm if the trip is cancelled. On occasions trips will be placed on standby until 5am on the day and the client will be updated shortly after. From time to time the weather can change quickly and a reschedule may be necessary at short notice. The skipper, after consultation with the client dock side, has the right to cancel if he deems it unsafe for the vessel, crew and customers. We don't cancel unless we are absolutely confident we have all information regarding the weather. REMEMBER - IT IS OUR AIM TO MAINTAIN A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. IT IS NOT OUR INTENTION TO SPOIL YOUR DAY.


We are available everyday of the year for Charter excluding December 24th, 25th, 26th & New Years Day.

All online booking tickets will be emailed to you upon receipt of your payment.

All phone bookings require a minimum of 30% deposit as confirmation of booking. We require a minimum of 8 persons for a charter to proceed. This can be made up from individuals or a group. If Proline Charters does not get the required number of people we have the right to reschedule the trip. We will contact the customer before the day if we cannot honour the agreed time. All trips are refundable if we cancel and reschedule date is not suitable. Voucher bookings are not refundable. We only reschedule voucher bookings. Private charter requires 100% payment of their booking prior to their charter.


All details obtained from clients i.e. telephone numbers, email address, postal address, facsimile number, credit card and bank account details, are only utilized for the express purpose of the operations of Proline Charters. These details are never sold, distributed or released to any other parties or bodies. In the instance of dishonoured cheques or unauthorized credit cards these details will be forwarded to legal or recovery professionals.


All Payments are to be made prior to the vessel departing. The person making the booking is responsible for the payment of the entire amount. Bookings made must be paid for i.e. If a booking is for 6 persons and only 5 arrive for the trip, the full booking for 6 must be paid unless the space can be filled. All bookings are required to provide a credit card number which will be authorised, but no funds deducted, or the charter be paid in full with our online booking system. We accept MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. Amex & Diners Club cards are not accepted.


Any client holding a Gift Voucher issued by Proline Charters must produce the gift voucher at time of boarding or new fare must be paid. Clients who miss the boat by arriving too late will forfeit their voucher. Clients who hold Gift Vouchers, book on and do not attend for their chosen trip will forfeit their Gift Voucher. Issued Gift Vouchers are not transferable for either Cash or Credit and money will not be refunded under any circumstances. Replacement vouchers cannot be issued if the issued voucher/s is/are lost or misplaced. Vouchers can be used for part payment of a Private Charter up to the face value of that voucher provided it has not expired. Expired vouchers are not valid. We also cannot subsidize lost, misplaced or destroyed vouchers. Cash refunds or credit cards reimbursements are not available for issued vouchers.


  1. Private Charter – We refund tariff only if the cancellation is within 14 clear days before departure. Otherwise 50% of tariff fee is charged. A cancellation in less than 7 days will lose 100% of tariff or tariff collected.
  2. Group Cancel >5 persons - We refund tariff only if the cancellation is 7 clear days before departure. Otherwise 50% of tariff fee is charged. A cancellation in less than 7 days will lose 100% of tariff or tariff collected. .
  3. Individual <5 Persons - We refund tariff only if the cancellation is 7 clear days before departure. Otherwise a 100% tariff fee is charged. All refund decisions are at the discretion of Proline Charters.
  4. A no show on the day is charged at 100% of tariff. (absolutely Non Negotiable)


Recreational Fishing Licences (RFL) are not available for purchase on board, but can be purchased Online.

RFL are required in all Victorian waters. Proline Charters has made complete disclosure of this requirement by web site, printed information, booking confirmation, pre-departure briefing and signs on board our vessels. Should Department of Primary Industries Fisheries Officers board our vessels during a trip, any passenger without a RFL is solely responsible for his/her RFL and any ramifications from such inspection.


Our Staff have all been selected for their expertise in their field. As workers they are not to be insulted, sworn at, abused or defamed. The Skipper reserves the right to cancel any trip or return to any Port any individual (without refund) who harasses and or abuses our staff.


Proline Charters has a strict no refund policy once the trip has departed. Should an individual become unwell and request to be returned to port, the Skipper of the trip will make a decision relating to a termination of a charter or returning to port to drop a customer off.


It is a requirement that all Customers behave in a respectful manner whether that be prior to, during, or after the charter, having full consideration for all other users of the Pier, Marina and its immediate vicinity. Obscenities and unruly behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in your booking being cancelled and payment forfeited. Any equipment lost due to negligence will be charged up to market value and or costs incurred in damage repair to boat.


Drugs are not tolerated in any form. If a customer attempts to smoke or consume an illegal substance the skipper will immediately report this to the Marine Police and the trip will be immediately cancelled. No refund will be paid and the matter will be handed to the police.


It is our mission to optimize everyone's opportunity to catch a fish. Proline Charters does not guarantee every customer will catch a fish. Fishing is a sport of chance and many variables outside our control determine the catch rate. Customers whose behaviour is found to be outside the spirit of fishing and good sportsmanship will not be invited back.


We promise to do our best to make your day run as smoothly as possible, from your initial reservation through to your day on the water. Our team promise to do their very best to make your day safe and comfortable given the varying conditions at sea. Customers are reminded that our vessels are fishing vessels of a very high standard, but not luxury cruisers. We guarantee our food service to be fresh and hygienically prepared.
Vegetarians, Halal and Kosher – We recommend you self cater.

Our Toilet facilities are private and clean. The toilets are marine style and good for liquid waste only (no. 1's). We recommend using a toilet before departure at public facilities for any other toiletry needs. As Vessels are a confined space, smoking is only allowed in designated area as directed by the crew.


Proline Charters has the right of refusal to any booking deemed to be at increased risk of safety without prejudice. This includes any customer with a pre-existing condition or any medication that puts the charter and customers at additional risk.

The team at Proline love fishing, and we genuinely want to show our customers a good time. We do not tolerate negative or poor-spirited fisher people. Come prepared to only have fun!